Design Tips: Creating Custom Tags

Patrick Donnelly
Tuesday, Jun 28, 2011 at 11:00 AM



Welcome to week 3 of Tag Along with Patrick Donnelly, our series on graphic design tips to use when creating your Tags. Each Monday, Donnelly will explain some ways to customize your Tags. Today’s tips show a simple way to add branding elements or photos to your Tags.

An underused feature of Tag Manager is the ability to make a custom Tag. When you export a Tag in this format it contains transparency, so you can place the code over any other type of image or logo. Using this technique in Photoshop, you can easily layer a photograph or logo behind the Tag frame to create an ultra-personalized Tag in minutes! Or perhaps place the Tag over a detail in a photograph to hint at an interactive experience of the featured product.

The following example shows how you can overlay a grayscale or color Tag over a logo to create a personalized Tag. If you don’t want to use an image, you can simply use color as the background. These small touches can help Tags visually fit within your internal graphic standards, or to make your code stand out from the crowd.


What graphic design techniques would you like to learn how to use with your Tag? Let us know in the comments below.

Patrick Donnelly is the creative producer for 2ergo, an international mobile business and marketing solutions company.


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