CRM Magazine Touts Tag Technology

Abby Wolfe
Thursday, Jan 27, 2011 at 12:00 PM

For forward-thinking companies looking to bridge the physical and digital worlds in their marketing, mobile barcodes may be the wave of the future – and Microsoft Tag is a leading contender. That’s the thrust of CRM magazine’s article "Barcodes Reach a New Dimension" in its January 2011 issue.

Author Koa Beck discusses 2D barcodes as an emerging marketing strategy for engaging smartphone-toting customers, and positions Microsoft as a “leading vendor.” She interviews Bill McQuain, Microsoft’s director of Tag product management, who reports that “to date, we’ve had more than 2 billion Tags printed, and continue to see highly successful implementations by publishing and retail partners, as well as advertisers and marketers.”

Tag’s momentum is reinforced by a companion piece, "Betting on Bar Codes," in the February issue that features companies using Tag as part of their mobile marketing strategy. Beck says this interest isn’t surprising, since “if used well, 2D barcodes are an inexpensive way for organizations to interact with consumers on the go.”

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She notes some of the major Tag users – Dr Pepper, Dominos, Ford, Kraft, Sprint, Entertainment Weekly – and quizzes Get Married magazine and the Italian cell-phone company Pagine Si on why they adopted Tag technology.

Mobile marketing appeals to busy brides on the go, says Stacie Francombe, president and founder of Get Married. “Integrating Tag changes the way brides read a magazine, gather inspirations, and connect with advertisers.”

In Italy, where there are more cell phones than people, Pagine Si is a fan of Tag because it’s “changing the perception of the company – through the ability to offer new value-added services and new ideas about what advertising could be – so that innovation in print is possible,” says Paolo Cellini, vice president of strategy and new media.

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