Corn maze QR Code sets a world record

Elliott Lemenager
Tuesday, Sep 11, 2012 at 10:17 AM

The geoglyphs on the Plains of Nazca in South America is a sight to behold however; their meaning is still a mystery. Rachel Kraay has made a corn maze that rivals the size of the geoglyphs on the plains of Nazca but the meaning behind this symbol isn’t hidden  because it’s the world’s largest working QR Code vetted by the Guinness world book of records.


corn maze qr code


The Kraay family in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada wanted to add a twist to their annual corn maze. So they worked with their maze designer to construct a 15 acre maze, which 7 acres are taken up by the QR code. Yes this is a functioning QR Code and they even had to darken the paths of the QR Code to make sure that there was enough contrast that the code could be scanned from the sky. When the QR Code is scanned it will take people flying by to the Kraay family farm website.



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