Cell Phone Addicts and Other News

Keith Caswell
Friday, Aug 05, 2011 at 11:00 AM

Are you addicted to taking photos with your phone while doing your back-to-school shopping? Then you’re going to devour this news roundup! Check out what mobile news has in store this week:

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What would you give up for your phone?

In a recent survey by TeleNav, a location-based mobile app developer, the company asked Americans what they would prefer to give up in lieu of their mobile phone. Some of the answers were unsurprising, such as that a whopping 70% of those polled would give up on booze to keep their phone. However, other answers might stupefy: 33% of respondents would give up sex just to use their phone and 22% would give up something as crucial as their toothbrush! But then again, you can’t play Angry Birds on a toothbrush. (Mashable)

The popularity of Instagram

Heads up to future app builders: you might be able to take some cues from one of the most successful apps on the market right now. A Master’s candidate at the University of Cambridge named Zachary McCune has written an 80-page dissertation on Instagram’s popularity and PSFK has broken it down into some useful bullet points. People love the program because of the effective ways it allows them to share, document and be exposed to different perspectives. Users are also drawn to the creative and communal aspects of the app, but mostly they found the app’s community engagement therapeutic. (PSFK)

Speaking of photo apps…

There’s a new app on the block that combines photos and video and it’s getting quite a bit of buzz. The aptly named GLMPS provides a look at the five seconds before a photo was created by including a small video with the photo. The video is captured concurrently with the photo so that the app simultaneously provides a look at the candid moment before the memory is captured. The app is so unique that even Apple got involved to help the development. (Business Insider)

Back-to-school retailer apps    

So here’s the situation: you run a retail operation and you need a mobile offering for the highly competitive back-to-school shopping season. Don’t sweat it. Geoff Galat, Tealeaf’s vice president of worldwide marketing, has some tips for you. Just like every great mobile experience, make sure you have a comprehensive strategy, keep the functionality simple, measure data about user behavior, and—most importantly—listen to the feedback of users. Heed this advice and you might just ensure that parents will get their tykes outfitted for school at your store. (Internet Retailer)

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