Cadillac Uses QR Codes To Showcase Cars In Magazines

Elliott Lemenager
Thursday, Jul 12, 2012 at 11:43 AM

If you think print is dead car manufacture Cadillac begs to differ. Placing full page spreads in Fortune magazine Cadillac is leveraging QR Codes to connect with their target audience.  After diligently doing proper research Cadillac understands that their target audience is smartphone enabled and are ferocious multitaskers that demand easy access to information on smartphones enable. "As a luxury brand we know that penetration of smartphones, tablets and like devices are higher among our upscale, professional, highly-educated audience,” Ms. Weitzman advertising manager for Cadillac XTS, Detroit, MI.




The QR Codes are placed in the top right had corner of their full page spread. Once the QR Code is scanned it takes the user to a mobile optimized site where they can view videos and pictures of the high end features Cadillac offers to their consumers.In addition, users can enter in their zip code and receive direction to their closest Cadillac dealer. Just like what we’ve seen previously with Gucci, I think we’re going to see QR Codes used more to digitally showcase products to customers.


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