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Nick Martin
Thursday, Jul 28, 2011 at 4:00 PM

If you attended Comic-Con in San Diego last weekend you may have joined the mob that surrounded a booth set up by Warner Bros. during the four-day event. Even Kevin Williamson, the writer/creator/producer responsible for the “Scream” movies and the hit TV shows “Vampire Diaries” and “Dawson’s Creek” got in on the action. As part of the weekend-long extravaganza, WB came up with a brilliant way to create buzz for their booth and enable attendees to share with people outside the event.

WB image 

The WB marketing team designed 32 awesome custom Tags that represented either a television program produced by Warner Bros. Television or a comic from its sister company DC Comics. When a WB Tag was scanned fans were lead to a badge for the program that could be shared on Facebook. Comic book enthusiasts that scanned Tags enjoyed a sneak peek into not-yet-released issues of their favorite comic. In addition to Tag’s presence at the booth, the team at WB slipped into the crowd with scannable T-shirts embellished Comic-Con badges.

The result of the implementation was a swell of online buzz about the booth thanks to the Facebook badges and a nice bump in website traffic as well. When the Tag team picked up on all the excitement taking place at the event, we reached out to Lisa Gregorian, the CMO for the Warner Bros. Television Group, to ask a couple questions. Here’s her take on the event:

How did Tag get on your radar?

“We planned on having a booth with a color form design and looked into some different options. We considered QR, but we realized that Tag would allow for the design to be much more visually interesting. It allowed for color insignias that were easily recognizable. People were immediately able to identify Tags for Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.”

How did people respond to Tag? Did they know what they were right away?

“People loved them! Not everyone knew what they were right away, but we had easy-to-read forms telling people what the Tags were. So much traffic was being directed to our site from the badges that were being shared via Facebook that we created new badges for people who couldn’t attend Comic-Con that said things like: ‘I Wish I Was At Comic-Con.’ ”

Do you plan on using Tag again in the future?

“Yes! We are looking at ways to build on the success we had and make an even better experience next time.”

We’re looking forward to see what the innovative team at the WB has in store for Tag next time. One thing is for sure, whatever it is, you’re going to want to be there!

Did the badges on Facebook show up in your newsfeed? Tell us about it in comments or on Facebook or Twitter.


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