BtoB Magazine Discusses Mobile Tagging

Rachel Tamigniaux
Wednesday, Apr 20, 2011 at 10:00 AM

BtoB Magazine


A recent article in the marketing strategy magazine BtoB featured 2D barcodes, Microsoft Tag in particular. The article provides a brief history of the 2D barcode and describes the technology’s unparalleled ability to link off- and online marketing.


Roger Marquis, editor of 2D Barcode Strategy, told BtoB this: “The opportunity is great to move people from one world [print] to the other [online], and also to move people further down the purchase decision path. You’re taking a pure prospect and inching them ever closer to becoming an actual client.”


As an example of 2D barcodes in action, the article refers to the company RIDGID, known for providing tools and software for the pipe-working and contracting industry. RIDGID uses Tags to direct readers to a unique landing page when the Tag is scanned. From this landing page, potential customers can schedule a product demo, watch informational videos, or request further information about RIDGID’s product line. RIDGID values this tool as it makes print a more interactive media when many think that print has become irrelevant in today’s web-based world.


The article makes a point to mention that awareness and adoption of 2D barcodes is still in its infancy, but that now is a good time for marketers and companies who are keen on incorporating systems like Tag into their marketing campaigns to experiment and try out what works and what doesn’t quite hit the mark for them. To make that a bit easier for you, we've collected ideas for all types of industries and situations.


Check out the piece in BtoB and let us know what you think in the comments below or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.


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