Best Practices for QR code Scan Engagement

Elliott Lemenager
Tuesday, Apr 10, 2012 at 10:43 AM

Here are some best practices that will build better engagement for your QR Code campaign:

  1. Call to action. QR Codes are the gate to connect users to your mobile experience so be transparent on how they should scan the QR Code (i.e. download the Tag App) and what they should expect once they have scanned your QR Code (i.e. Scan to win, watch the new trailer etc). If you’re struggling with scanning engagement make sure you’re not sending out naked codes into the wild.

    qr code call to action

  2. Optimize for mobile. When I scan a QR Code that’s not optimized for mobile I almost immediately close the mobile experience and walk away usually a little disgruntled. Be sure that whatever experience your QR Code provides is optimized for the mobile environment. Customers have a low tolerance for a bad user experience on their mobile device.  Linking users to standard websites is likely to lead to frustration because they are viewing it on a small screen. In addition, remember that each mobile OS are different and try to cater to the dominate OS of your potential users.

  1. Compelling Content. It’s important to provide customers with compelling content at the end of a scan. It’s their payoff. If the content isn't seen as valuable to the scanner, there is a high likelihood they won't come back for more. Give users a good reason to scan your Tag: useful product information, engaging videos, exclusive deals, upgrades, a coupon or other purchase incentives. And make it interactive; have them enter a sweepstakes, click” Like” or “Share,” request a product sample, or some other call to action.




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