Barcodes in Nature and Other News

Keith Caswell
Friday, Sep 02, 2011 at 10:00 AM

This week’s news roundup finds itself to be quite outdoorsy. There are mobile barcodes in wildlife refuges and on mountains and out on the open road. So, take a hike with this week’s mobile news:

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A walk in the woods

Henry David Thoreau once said that nature was full of genius, but he probably never envisioned anything like this: a national wildlife refuge on Florida’s Sanibel Island is using QR codes to connect visitors to nature in a whole new way. Visitors to the park can scan codes around the trails geared towards both kids and adults. The codes resolve to informative tidbits about animals of the region, instructions on how to plant trees and videos with more details. (Barcode News)

Think mobile-ly, act locally

Are you a local small business owner? Then you may want to listen up because Mobile Marketer has some tips for local businesses when it comes to getting a mobile optimized website. The article cites a recent study that “shows that 95 percent of smartphone users conduct mobile searches, with 88 percent of those taking an action as a result within a day.” So if you don’t have a mobile website, you’re likely missing out on some of that action. Some tips include finding a partner that understands mobile as well as your business, think about what information mobile users want, review your analytics often and make sure that your desktop site redirects mobile users to your mobile site. (Mobile Commerce Daily)

Winter wonderland

It’s September now, which unfortunately means we’ll soon be saying goodbye to summer and getting ready for winter sports. Vail Resorts is prepared, though, with a new version of an app specifically for the ski bums. EpicMix allows skiers to take advantage of a plethora of great features, such as check-ins, “[calculating] the number of vertical feet skied, days on the mountain, routes taken and other feats.” The app also has a social aspect so that snow sport enthusiasts can see if their friends are on the mountain and connecting with social networks. (Mashable)

Send me a sign

Barcodes have been offering a great solution for organization and categorization since they were invented, but now you can add street signs to the list of things that barcodes are helping with. A public works department of an unspecified Gulf Coast city is using durable adhesive barcodes on all of their street signs to track damaged and lost signs as well as repairs and replacements resulting in better inventory control, federal compliance and efficiency in cost and time. (Barcode News)

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