Microsoft Tag the Unquestionable Lion

Jeffrey Tiefenthaler
Monday, Feb 18, 2013 at 5:00 AM

As I sit here this morning drinking coffee, stoked for my weekend snowboarding trip, I begin reading through the latest Transworld Snowboarding magazine. While turning through advertisements something starts to catch my eye.  I'm spending more time on those that give me the option to scan a QR code. The fact that I can scan one of these codes with my mobile phone has created an alternative option for me to consider.  Just this fact alone gives retailers using QR codes for marketing strategies a distinct advantage over those who don't use them. 

Aren't Sure Why?

QR codes are everywhere, noticeable and have gained popularity. People understand that scanning a QR code can link them to a variety of mobile internet experiences, so when I see a QR code I now have a choice to make. Do I want to scan or not? Is scanning this QR code worth my time?  

While this decision can take one second to make, having the QR code visually displayed where I can see it actually required me to spend more time observing the advertisement. In that one second I also got to see the brand, their logo and a the new model snowboard I'd really like to try out! The bigger question for retailers is how can they get me to scan the code? Obviously the most provoking way to do that is by offering me a rich digital experience, like a coupon for 15% off, video, or picture. 

The Microsoft Tag App provides tremendous value for a publisher like Transworld and is why it was recognized by App Champ as the "unquestionable lion" in the QR app scanning market (article link). Author and blogger Jove Welner said, "scanning Tags as part of your marketing strategy could pour some serious light on your efforts". 

If you haven't checked out the Microsoft Tag App website see the six reasons why you should use Tag or read about Tag app development with the Tag Scanning Software Development Kit (SDK).

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Transworld Snowboarding magazine with QR codes


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