How retail stores can leverage NFC and 2dbarcodes

Elliott Lemenager
Tuesday, Jan 03, 2012 at 10:10 AM

Geolocation applications can be very powerful, but there is nothing more “local” than someone physically standing outside your shop. 2D barcodes and NFC will play a big role here. The advancement of mobile information transferred to consumers walking by your shop is going to give a whole new meaning to window shopping. Allowing passersby to purchase items while they’re window shopping, letting them save and capture items they want to purchase or research later, and giving them price comparisons for other shops near their location with better deals will merge real world and online shopping like never before.

However, most retail stores don’t just want consumers to shop outside of their store, they want to drive customers inside. Which leads us to today’s example on how smart retail stores will use 2dbarcodes and NFC technologies to simplify the sales cycle and have shoppers leave with fuller bags.



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