9 Clear Ways To Boost QR Code ROI

Elliott Lemenager
Friday, May 18, 2012 at 10:33 AM

When building a QR Code campaign don’t fall in the trap that everyone is going to scan your code just because of the vanity of interacting with a new technology. Building a sound strategy that focuses on your target audience, adds value and drives results should be your emphasis in any marketing campaign. With this in mind, the following 10 tips will help hone you QR Code campaign strategy in increase your ROI.


Audience – it’s about data not feelings


The first step in boosting a QR Code campaign ROI is identifying your target audience. Gender, Age, Geographical location, expendable income etc. all comes into play when you’re launching a QR Code campaign. Why? Because, all of these factors give you insight into what type of mobile devices your target audience is likely carrying around and the type of mobile experiences that will resonate with them. Hopefully your organization will have this information on hand but if they don’t and you’re limited on resources at least look into your website analytics to see what type of mobile operating systems are hitting your system.


Context – Why would someone scan your QR Code?


Once you have identified your target audience it becomes a lot easier to define the context of your QR Code campaign. For instance did you know out of all mobile device shoppers Men ages 30 – 49 more frequently buy goods in more categories and generally spend more time shopping than their peers? Or Women between the ages of 35 and 54 are the most active group in mobile socialization? Matching your audience to their existing mobile behavior is paramount to increase the ROI of your QR Code campaign.


Instructions – Assumptions are the mother of all screw ups


Whether it’s your first QR Code Campaign or your hundredth, give explicit instruction on how a consumer should scan the QR Code. Simple images or diagrams explaining the processes go along way here.  In addition, define where to find a QR Code reader in their respective app store and/or provide a URL where they can download a reader onto their phone.


Set expectations – Transparency is Key


How many times when you see a banner advertisement on your computer that says “click here” do you actually click the advertisement? I’m assuming probably never. The same thing goes when you’re putting QR Codes out into the wild. Just providing some text that says “Scan Here” is not going to drive your audience to scan your code. Be transparent and set expectations on what is going to happen when someone scans your code.


Optimize, Optimize, Optimize….. Optimize!


Now you have a good grasp on your target audience and you have a good idea what kind of experiences resonates with them, you now need to optimize for their mobile devices. Do the best that you can to find out if your target audience mainly owns an iPhone, Windows Phones, Blackberry or Android smartphone? If large percentage of your audience uses one particular mobile OS make sure you optimize for that platform.

Did you know iPhone and then Blackberry users spend the most on mobile purchases? Don’t optimize for a mobile OS that you like, make sure you’re optimizing for your target audience. Not optimizing mobile content for your target audiences mobile OS can not only lead to poor results you can actually make your audience quite frustrated at you.


It’s not about the scans


Huh?!? Yep, it really isn’t. It’s about the quality of scans that you receive and if they’re taking the appropriate actions that you have designed for them. Just like SEO and Social Marketing you can drive a lot of people to a website and get amazing unique visitor counts but if those people don’t convert then you’re wasting your time. So when you start to analyze your campaign results don’t get stuck on if you had 100 or 100,000 scans focus on the number of people converting.


Don’t split up your content into multiple codes


The average website session is 1 minute while compared to the average mobile app session of 4.3 minutes. There’s a big difference between PC and Mobile visitors and make sure you’re taking advantage of this.  Only post multiple codes for different content if it is truly necessary. I’ve seen a handful QR Code campaigns that unnecessarily break up their content to be delivered behind separate QR Codes in hopes to raise their scan counts. When you have a user that will give you their attention longer than most other digital assets do your best to keep them engaged.


Incentivize the desired activities that you want your users to complete


Now that you’ve identified your target audience, defined the context of your campaign, optimized for mobile, set clear instructions and expectations you’re pretty much ready to execute against your QR Code campaign that is structured to show ROI. However, there’s one more tip I would suggest before you launch your campaign - incentivize. If you’ve become this specific on your QR Code campaign it doesn’t hurt to sweeten the pot for your target customers to participate in your QR Code campaign. Reward them for the activities that you want them to complete. Rewards can be provided in digital badges, customer loyalty points, coupons and discounts. But make sure to set up the reward system based on what your audience would find valuable.


Reporting – you start with data and you end with data


If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it. There are two data sets that you need to look at when measuring your campaign, Scanning Data and Mobile website data. Scanning data can provide you with key insights on what type of mobile OS scanned your codes, where were they scanned, how many times each code was scanned. While mobile website data will give you insight on converting scans, time on site, click through rates and much more.


Let me know if you have any questions on how to improve your QR Code campaign ROI and if you’ve never created a QR Code before try the Microsoft Tag QR Code Generator.


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