7 General Guidelines When Using Tag

Jeffrey Tiefenthaler
Wednesday, Apr 17, 2013 at 4:16 PM

Tag can be a powerful tool for marketing and engagement with different audiences. At the same time, Tag is not always appropriate for every use. Keep these best practices in mind when using Tag. 

1. Walk the Walk: Step through the entire real-world user experience to anticipate and solve problems proactively. 

2. Be Sensitive: Don't associate sensitive or non-public information with Tag. Remember that the URL you associate with the Tag can be accessed directly without scanning the Tag, such as by typing it into a web browser. Also consider globalization and localization issues in your Tag campaigns, including social and political appropriateness and user comprehension. 

3. Define Your Target Audience: Identify the audience you intend to reach, tailor your messaging appropriately, and field-test your Tag barcodes and other technologies with a cross-section of users. Knowing your audience also means connecting with them using the technologies that work best for them. 

4. Remember: Use Recommended Sizes: To ensure successful scans, adhere to the minimum display sizes for various types of Tag barcodes and QR Codes. See our list of display size options

5. Verify device compatibility: Test you Tags on a range of high-end and low-end devices from various manufacturers, with different operating systems and web browsers. See our list of supported devices.

6. Manage Expectations: Explain clearly what will happen when users scan your Tag barcode, QR Code, or tap your NFC touch-point. Will it open a mobile site? Play a video? Dial a phone number? Download information? And if so, what information?

7. Educate Yourself:  Read the Tag Implementation Guide and Tag Manager Help for detailed, step-by-step instructions on creating effective standard and custom Tag barcodes as well as using Tag Manager to create other recognition technologies that will work for your mobile marketing campaigns. 


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