7 Clear Ways to Boost Tag ROI

Robbin Young
Wednesday, Nov 02, 2011 at 12:00 PM

Using Tags is super easy. And to get the most out of them for your mobile marketing campaign, you simply need to keep one byword in mind: Clear. If you follow these seven steps to clarity, your Tags will be compelling, easy to use and rewarding—for you and your user:

1. Clear appeal: We all know that dogs, kids, movie stars, fast cars and bling are pretty likely to grab attention. But if you’re like most marketers, you can’t just ring up Cameron Diaz or throw in a Porsche to jazz up your creative.

Porsche image

What you can have, however, is a custom design for your Tag. Although the movie “Bad Teacher” did feature the provocative Cameron Diaz in its ads, I’m betting the equally provocative “Eat Me” Tag also turned a few heads. And while “Eat Me” is only appropriate for a select few, using a creative tag to build your brand and generate interest is something all of us can do.

Bad Teacher image

2. Clear (safe) visibility: To get maximum creative impact from your Tags, include them in the design from the very start. If you’re putting Tags in an ad, make sure they stand out from the rest of the design. That way, they’ll not only add a creative pop, they’ll also be easier for people to spot and scan reliably.

If you’re putting Tags in out-of-home locations, make sure they’ll be easy to see and reach. You really don’t want someone jumping in the air to scan a poster or running off the side of the road trying to scan a billboard. These best practices can help you create Tags that work well.

3. Clear instructions: Once people notice your Tag, it won’t do any good if they don’t know what to do with it. The solution to this potential pitfall is simple: Always include a tip for people to download the Tag reader to their mobile phone from http://gettag.mobi. Tag Manager helps you design Tags that include this instruction.

4. Clear value:  The Tag’s visual appeal and easy access sets the stage for encouraging a scan. There’s one more essential element:  Tell people what to expect and make sure it is useful or entertaining. “See more” might work, but being more specific will probably be more effective.

What would you scan? A Tag with no call to action or one with “Get a coupon,” “Watch installation instructions,” “Free video recipes,”  “Use the interactive map” or “Tour this house”? Once they scan your Tag, make sure the user has a great experience, optimized for smartphones.

5. Clear success metrics: You’ve covered your bases for making sure people scan your Tag and enjoy the results. Now what? Do you have an idea of how to measure and improve upon your campaign success?

Metrics image

In the old days that would mean figuring out a way to measure response rate, changing the campaign, running a whole new campaign and measuring again. Chances are you may not have the budget for this kind of testing. Now you can. With Tag, you get free reports so you can see how people are interacting with your creative in near real time. This brings me to my next tip.

6. Clear testing plan: With Tag, not only do you get free reports, you can change what a user sees when they scan a URL or app download Tag without publishing a new Tag. So you can update the web page experience to point to another URL or app download application.

7. Clear cell signal: This one’s so obvious I totally didn’t think of it: one of my fellow bloggers did. If you’re using Tags on posters or out of doors—say at a concert or trade show event—go to the location and test the cell signals. Be sure to try phones from different carriers and throughout your venue, especially the indoor areas.

If the signal is unreliable, make sure your Tags are both on-site and placed on take-away materials such as business cards (a good idea for all business cards), brochures and swag.

Did I miss any clear ROI opportunities? Let us know with your comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.


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