5 Best Practices for Scan Engagement

Jackie Micucci
Thursday, Sep 22, 2011 at 2:00 PM

We’ve been talking about engagement this week because when it comes to mobile marketing, you want to be sure your message is getting across in the correct manner and creating a compelling experience. You want to have users that are not only engaged, but also who will keep coming back for more.  

Here are some best practices that will build better engagement for your Tag campaign:

  1. Call to action. It’s important to introduce Tag to your customers in a noticeable way with clear, concise instructions for downloading the Microsoft Tag app. You went to a lot of trouble to create a mobile marketing campaign so make sure users know how to access that information and content.

  2. Call to Action image

  3. White border. A Tag must have its white border to ensure it remains readable The width of the white space should be equal to the height of the bottom black bar, and not have any encroachment of lines, figures or other artifacts. Plus, and I know this sounds like a no brainer, but you should test the Tag before using it to confirm it scans correctly.

  4. Tag with white border image

  5. Optimize for mobile. Be sure that whatever experience your Tag provides is optimized for the mobile environment. Customers have a low tolerance for a bad user experience on their mobile device.  Linking users to standard websites is likely to lead to frustration because they are viewing it on a small screen.

  6. Sports Illustrated mobile image

  7. Compelling Content. It’s important to provide customers with compelling content at the end of a scan. It’s their payoff. If the content isn't seen as valuable to the scanner, there is a high likelihood they won't come back for more. Give users a good reason to scan your Tag: useful product information, engaging videos, exclusive deals, upgrades, a coupon or other purchase incentives. And make it interactive; have them enter a sweepstakes, click” Like” or “Share,” request a product sample, or some other call to action. 

  8. Bridesmaids poster image

  9. Extend your brand. Make the Tag an extension of your totally branding message with a custom Tag. One of the benefits of using Microsoft Tag over other standard 2D barcodes is the ease with which you can customize your Tags. Incorporate your company logo, pictures of your products or other images right into the Tag.

  10. Custom Tag image

What other advice would you offer to create an engaging mobile campaign using Microsoft Tag? Let us know with your comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.


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