4/15: The Week's Top Mobile Marketing News

Holly Richmond
Thursday, Apr 14, 2011 at 10:00 AM

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Here are some highlights of this week’s notable mobile marketing posts:

Dubai to give every building a QR code

“Every building in Dubai is to be issued a QR code which will allow residents of the city to get detailed information about the building,” writes Ben Rooney. Locals will be able to access “services offered by the city,” like logging complaints and tracking fines. The barcodes will also come in handy in case of fires, the city’s director-general said. (Wall Street Journal)


Webby announces nominees for mobile

The Webbys, started 15 years ago for best website, have now expanded to over 100 categories – and one of its four main sections is mobile. There are a whopping 25 categories, from “Best use of device camera” to games, music, and shopping. No-brainers like Foursquare and Angry Birds are present, but so are museums and "This American Life." Check out all the mobile nominees.


2011 may be the year for mobile payments

Internet Retailer discusses a new report on mobile payments that predicts this is the year they’ll gain traction. Why? Writes Katie Deatsch, “In part because many players see the potential for profit in letting consumers pay with their phones, the firm says.” (Internet Retailer)


Jimmy Fallon and barcodes on TV

The Memphis Daily News blog asks, are barcodes hype or an up-and-coming medium? Three minutes into Stephen Colbert’s recent rendition of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” on Jimmy Fallon’s show, a man in the background held up a big QR code. When scanned, the code plays a video of Fallon promoting a charity featured in the episode. But without instructions or incentive, did anyone scan it? (Memphis Daily News)


Phoenix tattoo artist inks barcodes

This one’s a little old, but still fascinating – an Arizona woman got inked with a tattoo of a 2D barcode. “It's something different that nobody else would have. It's my tattoo and no one else can have it,” Anisha Jones told CBS 5 News. Said her tattoo artist, “I think it's a really interesting kind of novelty that helps us come to terms with our high-tech lives, our social media Internet lifestyles.” (KPHO)


What other mobile news caught your eye this week? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.


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