3 Different Ways to Get Value from Scans

Keith Caswell
Tuesday, Nov 01, 2011 at 2:00 PM

Your advertising and marketing materials or your personal brand already have value, but there are some nifty ways that Microsoft Tags could add even more value to them.

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Great marketing is all about visibility and connecting with the people you’re trying to reach, and one great way to do that is to give people an incentive to interact. What does that mean? It means make it fun and giving them prizes.

Contests are one way that Tags can be used to your advantage to get value from scans. As we’ve mentioned previously, Tag has already been used in many a scavenger hunt in the past. However, Tags were also employed earlier this year in a contest run by Allure magazine in which prizes included cosmetics, fragrances, shoes, and jewelry. In that contest, Tag increased the entries by 38%.

Another contest this year in which Tag had a big impact was in This Old House magazine, which saw a 475% increase in entries over the previous year’s contest. The brand also garnered a 123% bump in Facebook “likes” and a 10% increase in Twitter followers as a result.


Another great way to get value from scans is to engage your readers, which is exactly what Health magazine did in a recent issue. The Tags were used to get readers ready for a summer “shape-up” issue that was due out later in the summer by offering a video of country singer Miranda Lambert, as well as other videos, slide shows and editorial features.

Along the same lines, Tags have also injected some merriment into typically dry and purely informative conferences and trade shows. By involving attendees in the action through gamification, exhibitors have inspired much greater engagement and networking. At CompTIA’s Breakaway 2011 conference, for instance, BoothTag provided each booth with Tags that took attendees to websites, documents, videos, contact information and social media sites of the exhibitors at the conference. The Tags also allowed attendees to create a profile that was then used to earn points and achievements for their scans, along with the glory of being on the conference’s leaderboard and, of course, some sweet prize packages as well. The end result, with “100% exhibitor participation and 50% attendee participation,” was that scans were noticeably higher in seminars with Tags prominently displayed on screens and printed materials.


Finally, the value in scans for your brand can come from interaction. For potential customers, patrons or clients, interacting directly with a product or service will be much more memorable than simply receiving the relevant information passively. Take, for example, the Warner Brothers booth at this past summer’s Comic Con in San Diego. They used Tags to offer visiting comic book nerds “a sneak peek into not-yet-released issues of their favorite comic.” The Tags at the booth, as well as ones worn on shirts by Warner Brother’s conference team, allowed attendees to generate buzz about the booth’s offerings and increased its website traffic.

Tags allow for the opportunity to put a vast web of information literally at the fingertips of people that you might be seeking to reach. Not to mention that Tag offers analytics with actionable data for number crunchers. They are totally customizable, so they can be adjusted for your needs and look pretty while doing it.

Got any more suggestions for ways you can get value out of scans? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

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    Hi, if i want to read the microsoft Tag on a regular PC, it does exist or what kind of reader, scanner can i get ??


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