Wallpaper For Mobile Devices Drive Over 100,000 QR Code Scans In 15 Days

Elliott Lemenager
Thursday, Jun 21, 2012 at 11:40 AM

Levi Freeman a graphic design graduate from the University of Arts London, one of Europe’s largest art and design schools, stumbled upon an idea that had smashing results. Curious with macro photography Levi built a collection beautiful images. Levi’s passion for this type of photography is best described with his own words “Those types of shots intrigued me, like looking up at the skies at night and marveling the stars but instead looking down at what’s around you.” Needless to say Levi’s pictures received a plethora of organic interest, actually so much that it caught the eyes of the windows phone team. For the story on his path to success you can read it in full on Levi’s blog.


To sum up the story Levi decided to use these macro images as wallpapers for windows phones. However, the method of distributing these images to other windows phones was brilliant. Using QR Codes Levi uploaded a variety of different images to his blog where users could scan the QR Code to instantly receive the wallpaper on their mobile devices. Levi used the Microsoft Tag platform to create and track the QR Codes for the wallpapers that he generated. Using the Microsoft Tag Scan Data API Levi found that within 15 days his images received over 100,000 scans.


scan counr of Levi's QR Codes


Levi’s was kind enough to send over some samples of his wallpapers with the QR Codes that you can try out for yourself below. For additional wallpapers Levi has a full collection on his blog that you can scan to download for free. Overall this is a great story with some very impressive results. Do you see this use of QR Codes to transfer content from a PC to a Mobile device being used more in the future?


Wallpaper qr code download


wallpaper download qr code 

wallpaper download qr code


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